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SurveySavvy Survey Panel Information

Contact Information
1365 Fourth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 234-5884
Email: info@luthresearch.com
Who is Eligible to Join SurveySavvy?
Survey Savvy is open to members 18 and over.

What Payment Option(s) Does SurveySavvy Offer?:
Each survey from SurveySavvy pays a cash value.

What is the Minimum Payout at SurveySavvy?:
Once you have accumulated more than $1 USD in incentives, you can request payment by using the "Request Payment" tool under the Account section once logged in. Payment is made by check in USD and will be mailed via U.S. post to the residence on file.

What Countries is SurveySavvy Available In?:
SurveySavvy is available to residents of the USA

Company Bio:
At Luth Research, we believe in using technology innovation to bring together research companies and communities in order to create an ongoing, insightful dialogue that leads to a deeper understanding about how people think, how they’re changing—and why.

Luth continually develops state-of-the-art technologies that are designed to enhance and support the very best in market research. With these cutting edge technologies we can develop and nurture a true connection between research and people. Our collaborative approach results in knowledge that drives insights to market-led products and services for companies—and the communities we serve.

Therefore, with integrity and trust at the heart of everything we do, our goal is clear—to be known as the trusted connection between people and research.

SurveySavvy User Reviews and Ratings:

Number of Reviews: 1 | Average Rating: 5

Rating: starstarstarstarstar
SurveySavvy Review
Submitted by Bernard, usa via paidsurveysources.com
Best survey panel there is!
I joined Survey Savvy about two years ago when I first started taking online surveys. At that time I joined about 20 panels and was trying to take as many surveys as I could.

After a few months I quit taking surveys from most of the panels I had joined and decided to only stick with the ones that were most consistent. I chose to stay with SurveySavvy because the sent frequent surveys, their payout was low and I could earn even more money referring others. I am still a member of a few other panels and take surveys occasionally from them. But Survey Savvy is the only survey panel that I would give a full 5 stars.

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