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Angus Reid Forum Survey Panel Information

Contact Information
Angus Reid
Suite 700, 858 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6B 1C1
Who is Eligible to Join Angus Reid Forum?
All members must be 18-34 years of age and not working in market research or related fields.

What Payment Option(s) Does Angus Reid Forum Offer?:
Angus Reid pays for their surveys with "Survey Dollars". Each Survey Dollar is equivalent to $1.00 CAD

What is the Minimum Payout at Angus Reid Forum?:
Minimum payout is 50 Survey Dollars, which is equal to $50.00 CAD. Payments can be made by cheque or donated to a charity of your choice.

What Countries is Angus Reid Forum Available In?:
Angus Reid Forum is available to members in Canada only

Company Bio:
(taken from Angus Reid's website)

Angus Reid Forum is brought to you by Vision Critical, a well-respected research firm based in North America, with offices globally. Our expert team of research specialists cover the full spectrum of research subjects including public opinion, health, technology, consumer goods, media and travel - a range which you will see reflected in the surveys you'll receive from Angus Reid Forum.

We partner with organizations including household brands, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations and the media in order to help them better understand their customers and stakeholders and to ensure they take the views of ordinary Canadians into account. For each survey you take part in, your answers are collected along with those of fellow Angus Reid Forum members and the results analysed by our research experts before being presented to our clients or released to the media.

Vision Critical has pioneered the use of the Internet and rich media technology to make Angus Reid Forum an engaging experience for our members.

Vision Critical was founded by Angus Reid, a leader in the market research industry with a career spanning over three decades. He previously founded the Angus Reid Group which grew to one of North America's largest research enterprises before it was sold to Ipsos SA in 2000. He currently serves as CEO of Vision Critical.

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